Electronic Precision Specialties Inc. plates precision components that fly all over the world — and beyond.

We provide premium quality when reliability is an absolute must. We work with public and private agencies and their vendors to meet or exceed industry standards on every new or refurbished part we plate.

Industry Capabilities

  • radar arrays

  • satellite housings

  • avionics

  • missile components

  • connectors

  • electrical shields

  • cable assembly parts

  • etc.

Our high-end testing equipment allows our team to thoroughly check the parts we plate, both before and after the plating process, to protect against failure and certify quality. We have a reputation in our industry for resolving complex plating issues, and comprehensive testing makes those solutions possible.

Even though the components we create are usually invisible to end users like pilots and astronauts, we take pride in knowing that our contributions will hold up in the toughest situations.

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