Silver Plating

Silver plating is preferred for anti-galling applications like static seals, bushings, etc., because of its excellent lubricity properties and smear characteristics.

Silver plating can vary in finish from matte white to full bright and offers good corrosion resistance, depending on your base metal. Coatings provide low contact resistance while soldering and bonding well, though silver plating will tarnish easily.

Hardness varies from about 90 Brinell to 135 Brinell depending on process and plating conditions.

Plating Benefits

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Low Contact Resistance

  • High Solderability

  • Bonds Well

Available Finishes

  • Bright

  • Matte

  • Semi-Bright


  • AMS-2410

  • AMS-2412

  • ASTM-B-700

  • QQ-S-365

Secondary Services

  • Blasting: Aluminum Oxide & Glass Bead

  • Descaling

  • Embrittlement Relief (Per Spec)

  • Masking Per Customer Requirements

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Applications for silver plating range from fashion and engineering to electrical and electronic fields. Contact our engineers to find out how our silver plating processes fit with your needs.

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