Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating has several desirable properties. Rhodium plates a white bright finish, metallic and similar to stainless steel in color, exhibiting excellent wear and corrosion protection. The deposits are hard, almost as hard as Chromium, and can be highly reflective dependent on condition of substrate and under-plate.

Rhodium plating excels in applications ranging from electronic to nose cones – wherever sliding contacts, high wear characteristics, corrosion resistance, solderability and reflectivity are important.

Plating Benefits

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Highly Reflective

  • High Solderability

Available Finishes

  • Bright


  • MIL-R-46085

  • ASTM-B-634

Secondary Services

  • Blasting: Aluminum Oxide & Glass Bead

  • Descaling

  • Embrittlement Relief (Per Spec)

  • Masking Per Customer Requirements

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Because of the varied chemistries and performance characteristics each type of plating may produce, we recommend contacting our engineering team to discuss your plating needs. We will work with your engineers to ensure a high-quality product that meets your requirements.

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