Nickel Plating

Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc., uses a variety of nickel plating methods and chemistries to suit any application or part that requires nickel plating.

Bright Nickel

Bright nickel coatings provide an excellent barrier coating to reduce porosity and improve corrosion resistance. As an undercoating, bright nickel is often used to improve reflectivity and leveling by smoothing out surface defects.

If an article is to be flexed or distorted in the application, a Watts or Sulfamate nickel bath should be considered.

Sulfamate/Watts Nickel Baths

Sulfamate or Watts nickel baths are used primarily in engineering applications where parts are flexed, formed, or bent after plating. They provide an excellent diffusion barrier, have excellent ductility, improve corrosion resistance and solder readily.

Our nickel plating processes are WEEE/ELV and RoHS compliant.

If you are designing, developing, or prototyping a component that may require nickel plating, contact us to learn more about how we can help

Available Finishes

  • Bright

  • Dull

  • Black Nickel

  • Semi-Bright


  • AMS 2403

  • AMS 2424

  • MIL-P-27418 (Sulfamate)

  • QQ-N-290 (Electrolytic)

  • ASTM-B-733

Plating Benefits

  • Improve Reflectivity

  • Reduce Porosity

  • Improve Corrosion Resistance (both finishes)

  • Diffusion Barrier Ductility

  • Solder Readily

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