Electronic Precision Specialties Inc. provides plating services for automotive businesses at just about every stage except the sales lot.

Our plated components range from washers for metal stampers to silver plated battery connections for the newest electric car. Many housings, connectors, fasteners, and other elements you’ll find under the hood made a pit stop on our processing floor first.

Industry Capabilities

  • hydraulic line components

  • airbag triggers

  • gearing components

  • fasteners

  • connectors

  • supercharger parts

  • shock absorber housings

  • etc.

We are constantly training our staff and upgrading our equipment to match or surpass the latest automotive industry regulations. Parts plated at EPSI are exhaustively tested and checked for quality so that we can stand behind every piece of equipment that leaves our shop.

EPSI capabilities also include partial part masking for assembly application, plating oilfield and offshore components to prevent corrosion from hydraulic fluid, and other custom processes.

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