The highly technical and precise parts that Electronic Precision Specialties Inc. plates for the medical industry is a point of pride for our team.

The components we work on, which include specialized tubes for aneurysm treatment and implantable devices, save thousands of lives every day. Even the parts that are less high-stakes, such as hearing aid battery components and springs for replacement knees, can significantly improve quality of life for the end user.

Industry Capabilities

  • battery housings

  • oxygen sensor components

  • inhaler components

  • implant components

  • insulin shot mechanisms

  • hypo-tubes

  • coil connectors

  • seals

  • springs

  • interconnect shield parts

  • cable assembly parts

  • oxygen sensors

  • surgical tools

  • dental & orthodontic devices

  • etc.

EPSI closely examines and tests every product that we treat, both before and after the plating process, to prevent flaws from corrupting these important devices. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee quality and give end users peace of mind.

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